Certified Divorce Real Estate Specialists

Compassionate and Professional Real Estate Services During Challenging Times

Real Estate Solutions for those going through Divorce

As realtors specializing in helping individuals going through divorce, our team understands the emotional and financial complexities that come with selling a marital home. Our goal it to maximize the return on our clients' most important investment.

We are dedicated to offering empathetic guidance and clear communication to both the divorcing parties and their legal representatives throughout the entire selling process.

Our unique system offers up-front, interest-free money for repairs or home-improvements and complete privacy as part of exclusive sales system. We want to protect the client at every turn.

Residential Real Estate Council and National Association of Realtors

Comprehensive Home Valuation

We provide accurate and thorough home valuations to assist in determining the property's fair market value. Focusing on the property's features, and potential selling points

Strategic Marketing

Customized marketing strategies to attract potential buyers and showcase the property's best features, maximizing its appeal in the market

Negotiation Expertise

Skilled negotiators, dedicated to achieving favorable terms for the sale of the marital home and negotiating the highest possible price

Supportive Guidance

Ongoing support and guidance to the divorcing parties throughout the entire selling process, addressing any concerns and providing reassurance during this challenging time


Why Partner with Us:

  1. Knowledge in Divorce Real Estate: With an understanding of the legal and emotional aspects of divorce real estate, we are well-equipped to navigate the unique challenges that may arise during the sale of a marital home.
  2. Maintain Neutrality: We remain neutral and do not take sides in the divorce. This means treating both parties equally and ensuring that neither feels disadvantaged or favored.
  3. Sell the House: We want the sale to go smoothly. When we take care of the house, we take care of the clients.
  4. Clear Communication: We prioritize open and transparent communication with divorce attorneys, keeping you informed every step of the way and working collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcome for your clients.
  5. Respect Confidentiality: We maintain confidentiality and avoid discussing any personal details or sensitive information with third parties. Respecting the privacy of both parties involved in the divorce is paramount.

Success Stories

What our clients are saying...

"It was a difficult time, but Chris made every effort to respect our individual needs and get through the
process. It was nice to know we could keep things private and maximize the houses value."

-Kevin S.  |  Carlsbad

"Sam sold our house in record time (less than a month) above the market rate, even though the house needed a lot of work. He took care of everything and kept the process extremely simple for us. We literally just needed to sign the paperwork."

-Omar R.  |  San Diego

“It would have been great to work with Chris outside our divorce, but to have him there for this transaction was especially important.”

-Stacy W.  |  Carlsbad

"He was always responsive to my calls (and I called him a lot!) Sam was great during a very difficult time because."

- Paula J.  |  Encinitas


We help our clients sell their home easier, faster and for a higher price with compassion and professionalism.