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Life’s Good in Cardiff by the Sea

Oh to live by the sea… It’s a wonderful thing, especially if you live in Cardiff By The Sea! This small surf-centric town offers gorgeous panoramic ocean views and a laid back lifestyle. If you don’t already love life in Cardiff By The Sea, you will surely be smitten after reading this post. 

Life in Cardiff By The Sea Is All About The Food

After a long surf session at Cardiff Reef or Pipes, you will probably work up a large appetite. Have no fear! The food options in Cardiff By The Sea will keep your stomach full and your gourmet heart skipping a beat with pure joy. From tasty classics like The Besta-Wan Pizza House to the mouth watering specialty tri-tip at Seaside Market – the grub gods have blessed Cardiff By The Sea with numerous options. Try enjoying ocean view tacos at Bull Taco within the San Elijo Campgrounds or sweeten up your day with some famous donuts from VG Bakery. Life in Cardiff By The Sea is fully influenced by how well you can eat in a small beach town. 

Homes Are A Big Part of Life in Cardiff By The Sea

The ultimate dream is to have sparkling ocean views of the Pacific in North County San Diego from your backyard. Because of the hilly bluffs that many of the Cardiff homes are built on, these oceans views are plentiful with many of the homes in Cardiff. Another key feature of homes in Cardiff By The Sea is that they are all different in size, shape, and style. You won’t find two identical homes for blocks and that’s what makes the homes in cardiff so unique. You can find life in Cardiff By The Sea to be relaxing and refreshing with a home so close to the emerald blue ocean. Looking for homes in Cardiff By The Sea? Check out our neighborhood page for Cardiff By The Sea Here

The Beaches Describe Life In Cardiff By The Sea Perfectly

If you like the ocean, surfing, long walks on the beach, family days by the sea, and all around a perfect environment to live in, you most certainly will love life in Cardiff By The Sea.
With approximately 2.5 miles of continual coastline, the beaches in Cardiff By The Sea are unique and stunning. From the South you have “South Cardiff State Beach” otherwise known as “Seaside Reef” – this beach offers a large parking lot and fun peaky waves to surf and play in. The strip of sand connecting Seaside Reef with Cardiff Reef has many different names according to the surf break – one in particular is “George’s Beach”. Just north of that is the famous “Cardiff Reef” beach which is full of waves, family fun, and home to the San Elijo Lagoon River Mouth Opening – connecting the ocean with the lagoon (a very sensitive and important environmental relationship). North of that are the San Elijo State Beach campgrounds and beach. Further north is “Pipes” beach with a great wave and sheltered beach protected by the undeveloped bluffs above. Travel further north towards downtown Encinitas and you will find yourself at the great point break known as “Swami’s”.
Each beach has its own magic and charm and although only a few miles long, you should be able to find your very own favorite spot. Below is a map to show you approximately where these beaches lie (you can see our Encinitas Coast Life headquarters on the map too!). 

Good Small Schools Come With Life In Cardiff By The Sea

There’s no arguing that life in Cardiff By The Sea offers a small and close-knit community. It also offers only two schools that are within the 92007 school district. The Cardiff School District is award-winning. Established in 1913, the Cardiff By The Sea district consists of two award-winning schools; Cardiff School serves students in grades K-3 and Ada Harris School serves students in grades 3-6. Cardiff Schools provide a great education in a high performance district. Parents, teachers, and students are all involved in the learning experience with these two close-knit schools. Learn more about the experience at the school district website here

The Community Is What Makes Life In Cardiff By The Sea Unlike Anywhere Else

Life in Cardiff By The Sea would not be anything special if it wasn’t for the people who live, work, and play in it. From local shop owners to professional surfers (Rob Machado to name one) who continually give back to the community. You have local events like the Cardiff Kook run, Taste of Cardiff, free yoga classes at the Patagonia retail shop, local board swaps, and days at the beach teaching wounded warriors the stoke of surfing. The good vibes and sense of community in this small beach town really make you want to stake your claim and stay here forever. It truly is a beautiful place to live and the locals will teach you the most important thing in life… “Have Fun and Go Jump In The Ocean!“. 

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