Buy San Diego Real Estate then Wait! Encinitas Coast Life Real Estate Advice

A wise man once said:

“Don’t wait to buy real estate… Buy real estate and wait.”

This advice rings true no matter what is going on with the market – investing in real estate is always a good idea. Well, let me rephrase that investing in San Diego real estate is always a good idea. Although the housing crash and great recession we have weathered here in the good ol’ US scared many potential buyers away from the solid investment of a home, if you can survive the storm and hang on to your real estate purchases through the peaks and valleys, home ownership can have a big payoff. Not fully convinced? Let’s just go through some of the facts as to why real estate is a good investment.
Exhibit A) The average home price in San Diego County is around $535,000 to date – yes, a half million seems like a lot, but it will only increase so before California becomes even less affordable than it already seems like now is the time to jump in, wouldn’t you say?
Exhibit B) California is a strong market and always will be. The golden state also has a lot of draws for real estate investors besides the hundreds of miles of coastline and laid-back vibes. From approximately a whopping 32 military bases, the tech business in SF LA, and SD, and the money maker that is Hollywood – California has a booming economy that has remained strong. A good economy means decent jobs and a healthy real estate market. Some of the richest people in the world own real estate in California. now I would think they are doing something right with their investments. shouldn’t you consider following suit?
Exhibit C) San Diego’s housing marketing is steadily growing. It may not be seeing the boom that cities such as Austin or Chicago may be currently experiencing, but it is no boom or bust city. The steady increase instead of through-the-roof housing appreciation rates notate that you will have a steady and strong investment in the market.
Exhibit D) Low inventory and coastal homes, means Encinitas and Coastal San Diego is a great investment. Unless the ocean rises and floods San Diego all the way to the Salton Sea. I think you have a pretty safe bet when buying a home in San Diego. Because you have nowhere to go but East since we are lined with the Pacific Ocean to the West – this keeps land to build on scarce and results in low inventory. The need for housing has become desperate. Owning your property gives you peace of mind as well as the option of easily finding renters if you decided to move. The low inventory always holds home prices at an all-time high. It is a win/win with home ownership on this argument.
Exhibit E) Why pay rent to someone else and make them richer? Yes, it is true that rents are high in San Diego – and they will always be high. So why not be your own landlord and keep your mortgage payment low and affordable instead of pricing yourself out of living in your dream city?
We don’t believe in living with regrets, but we have heard people say, in hindsight, “I should have bought that one house” or “Why did I wait so long, home prices were so dirt cheap 5 years ago”, and the regretful comments go on and on. Most of these regrets come from people who didn’t buy when they were thinking about it. We want to help you avoid the same – learn more about the market from us or get your lingering questions answered.
So what are you waiting for? Let’s go find you a house!

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