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2016 has begun, and for many of us, it allows a new start. A lot of homeowners who are toying with the idea of selling their homes, often think that waiting until the Springtime is a good idea. But little do they know, there are huge advantages to listing your home at the fresh start of a new year and in the months of January and February. So before you decide to hold off and wait.
Read the top 5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Encinitas Home Before Spring:
1. Promotions, Pay Raises, and Christmas Bonuses have people feeling in a better position to ante up and buy a home.
2. Current Inventory is old and stale. Stand out from the crowd with your newly on the market home!
3. Typically there are less homes on the market in the winter. You are in a better negotiating position when you are the only house in the area for sale. It could be a bright idea to list your home right now. 
4. Buyer demand is still high and people are actively looking for a home just like yours! 
It’s Encinitas. It’s not like we have to worry about a snowy winter to slow down home buyers’ search. 
So if you were deciding to bow out of putting your home up for sale in Encinitas, consider these points to list your Encinitas or San Diego home for sale this winter. Guaranteed with the right agent team and an advantage in the market, you will be happy you beat every other home seller to the punch. Send the Encinitas Coast Life team a message to inquire more about your home market value and what to do to get ready to sell.

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