10 Easy Ways to Cozy Up Your Encinitas Home for the Winter

Welcome to the “Encinitas Winter” where the temps dip below freezing (aka 60 degrees) and those of us who are native to the Southern California winters shiver at the thought of wearing a sweater. Now that we have hit December and we have an excuse to actually dust off our down jackets and winter boots, we wanted to give you some inspiration on how to make your home feel like a cozy winter wonderland. Although there may not be any snow on the ground, follow these tips and you will feel as if you have transported to a cozy cabin in Whistler. So put on those Uggs, turn on the tea kettle and read on:
1. Bring the outdoors in. From pine needles to pomegranates – the trick to a cozy winter home is to decorate with nature in mind. This adds warmth and that feeling of living in a crisp winter forest. The added bonus of greenery inside your home has been proven to calm the brain and increase serotonin levels which dip in the winter months due to lack of sunlight.
2. Add the smell of cookies to your home. Ever walk into a home that smells like holiday cheer and wonder what that sweet sweet aroma is? Well most likely it is the smell of fresh baked cookies. The trick is to get the family together, decorate cookies, and enjoy them by the fire. Your home will never have felt more cozy. 
3. Introduce cozy blankets and knit throws to your bed for the added warmth. Nothing like snuggling up in a warm blanket, except for having your pick between three soft blankets piled high on your bed! The layered look will always be a chic way to decorate your home for the holidays. 
4. What is cozy and soft and warmer than a heater? You guessed it, a puppy! Arguable the best way to cozy up your holidays in this winter season is to include your furry friends in the process. Cuddle up on the couch, enjoy a cup of coffee with your cat at your feet, or just bundle up in bed with fido (only if you allow dogs in your bed of course). Pets are a great way to make your house feel like your home. 
5. Stoke the fire. Fortunately for us, a lot of homes in Encinitas were built with fireplaces. We only have a small window of time in beautiful San Diego where we can actually utilize a warm fire. So grab the chopped wood and warm your tootsies by the fire. It’s a great way to add cheap warmth to your home without running the heater and promotes snuggling with your loved ones.
6. Put a rug down. Those beautiful tiles floors in your bathroom are great to look at but man can they be cold in the winter months. Find a unique rug to match your decor and roll it out for hours of warm toes and added style. The cozier your bathroom the more inclined you will be to enjoy a warm bubble bath and a glass of wine while humming Christmas carols. 
7. Create your own little reading nook. With the shorter days and less daylight to enjoy the outdoors after work, now is the time to get through your hopelessly neglected reading list. Cuddle up in your home with your book, some warm clothes, and enjoy some “you” time. Designate a spot in the house with pillows, blankets, and good reading light. Also, forget your cellphone in the other room so you can completely relax and unplug, important around these winter months!
8. What better way to light your night than with some candles? Decorate and cozy up your home with candlelight. Your mantle, dining table, and little nooks are perfect places to set some tea lights or even battery powered twinkling lights. Lighting adds great ambiance and coziness to your winter home. 
9. Warm up with coffee or tea. What better way to warm your body and soul than with a hot cup of something good? Sipping coffee when it’s cold outside is the perfect remedy to the winter weather. Pull out your favorite coffee mug and enjoy the taste of cozy at home.

10. Big throw blankets. On your couch or chairs – big cable knit throw blankets are the key to warmth and cuddle time while binge watch the latest Netflix show this winter. These throws add warmth and texture to your furniture and are easy ways to “winterize” your home.

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